Austin St. George

Order of the Arrow Summer Camp Participation Award

The Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge is brining back the OA Summer Camp Participation Award for all W. D. Boyce Council Troops to work on this summer! Click Here to see the requirements for the award, and and start working on the requirements for your troop to receive this summer.

Program Spotlight – Eco-Con

At Eco-Con Scouts explore the world of Ecology and Conservation, learning all about the natural world around them.  Scouts can work on Merit Badges such as: Environmental Science, Weather, Geology, Forestry, Oceanography, Nature, and many more!  Also Scouts can participate in Eco-Con challenges that will get the Scouts exploring throughout Ingersoll discovering more about the environment around them.

Program Spotlight – Mountain Biking

At Ingersoll we Mountain Bike! Ride either on our 2 mile Bike Trail starting from the Mountain Bike Building or go on a longer ride on the Cedar Creek Trail.  Mountain Biking is a great way to see Ingersoll and stay physical fit!  Come to ISR and work on your Cycling Merit Badge or with your Troop during the Mountain Bike Lunch Outpost program.  Reserve your Troops spot for 2019 Summer Camp today!

Program Spotlight – STEM Center

The STEM Center at ISR has all sorts of programs that have the Scouts diving into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics!  Launch a rocket through the sky, fly a drone, build a bridge or a robot. Merit Badges at STEM include: Space Exploration, Electronics, Composite Materials, Aviation, Chemistry, Engineering, Chess, Robotics, Exploration

Mountain Boarding at Ingersoll

  We are excited to bring Mountain Boarding to ISR.  Learn how to ride these down Dining Hall Hill, during a Lunch Outpost or during open area time after dinner.  This all-terrain action sport will get any Scouts adrenaline pumping!