Wilderness Counselors


The W. D. Boyce’s Outdoor Program Committee is forming groups of volunteers to help support and aid the ISR Summer Camp Staff and provide Outdoor Program to all the W. D. Boyce Scouts throughout the year.  The Wilderness Counselors would be a group of program experts that would come to help train the Merit Badge Instructors at summer camp during Staff Week and provide support throughout the summer.  If you have a expertise in a subject area we have at ISR and want to make ISR the best it can be for all the Scouts Fill out this interest form here.


Check out what some Wilderness Counselors are currently doing:

Certified Angling Instructors (CAI):  The W. D. Boyce Council hosted their first CAI Course at Ingersoll Scout Reservation in April of 2019.  With this course volunteers from all around the Council have been providing awesome Fishing and Fly Fishing programs throughout.  From Fly Tying Days, to hosting Merit Badges at Camporees, to fishing at Cub Scout Day Camps and playing Back Yard Bass at Pack meetings!  The CAI’s also work hard improving the Fishing programs At ISR Summer Camp having a goal of 100% completion rate for Fishing and Fly Fishing Merit Badges.  In the summer of 2019 they reached their goal and have created ways of providing the ISR Staff at Greg’s Fish Shack tools and techniques to continue the successful Fishing program at ISR for years to come!


COPE/Climbing Committee: The W. D. Boyce COPE/Climbing Committee helps support the ISR Staff with training and managing all the climbing equipment at the Climbing Tower and Low COPE Course.  In addition they host 6 Climbing weekends a year at ISR.  Want to help scouts learn more about climbing, want to help provide a trilling experience of riding the Zipline?  Fill out the Wilderness Counselors form with interest in COPE and Climbing and start receiving ways to provide an experience.


Shooting Sport Committee: The Shooting Sports Committee help support the ISR Staff with training, managing equipment, and coming up with new programs that can be brought to Ingersoll both during summer camp and throughout the year.  The Shooting Sports committee host training’s such as USA Archery Level 1 Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Training’s, and is looking to expand to host more!  They also host Rifle and Shotgun Shooting at all the Troop Climbing and Shooting Weekends at ISR.


Aquatics Committee: They train the ISR Staff with BSA Lifeguard Training, and help provide information to units that want to expand paddling into your unit’s camping trips by creating a guide to build confidence on a paddling trip and a guide for paddling down the Hennepin Canal.  You can find this guide by clicking here.  The Aquatics Committee also hosted the first ever Cub Scout Pool Party at ISR which was well attended and planned to happen again in August of 2020!


The Outdoor Program Committee is still looking for volunteers to help grow the Wilderness Counselors in STEM, Eco-Con, Scoutcraft, and Brownsea Island.  Want to help with Outdoor Programs in the W. D. Boyce Council?  Then fill out the Wilderness Counselor Interest form and start helping to create top of the line Outdoor Programming for all the Scouts in the W. D. Boyce Council!