Normally this time of year ISR releases a Leader’s Guide for the next summer, sharing what Programs, Merit Badges, Outposts, and much more for the upcoming summer.  As we are looking ahead for Summer 2021 it is impossible to know what the world will look like on June 13, 2021 as we open the gates of ISR for the first week of Scouts BSA Summer Camp.

We are planning to run summer camp in 2021 and have hopes to run a program like the we had planned for the canceled 2020 Season.  But as we learn more by listening to experts as they provide guidelines and recommendations, we are diligently planning for different scenarios that next summer may bring to operate camp in a healthy manner.

There are many months of planning to happen and there will be changes as we learn more.  Changes to what we do, such as adjustments to programming, dining, screening, and program schedules will be communicated through the Unit Contacts registered for camp via email and monthly updates posted at the ISR COVID-19 page at  In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions we are happy to talk with you, just reach out.

With all that being said we are still accepting reservations for the 2021 Summer Camp Season, week 1 is already full but there is plenty of space later in the summer for your troop to join, go to to see campsite availability and to fill out an unit reservation form.  We are also currently fully into interviewing Camp Staff, so if you know anyone thinking about joining the ISR Camp Staff encourage them to apply soon at

Bill Maddox
2021 Camp Director

Josh Wray
2021 Program Director

Austin St. George
W. D. Boyce Council Camping Executive