Click Here to watch the April 18th Webinar with details about the 2021 Program Guide.


Click Here to find the 2021 Program Guide.  This guide has all the programing details for this coming summer.  Also we will host a Zoom Webinar to review and answer any question you may have on April 18th at 4pm.  Click here to register and get a link for the Webinar.  This webinar will be recorded and posted to after the meeting as well.

We will be running a mix program between the Block Schedule and the Concentric Circle program Formats.  This mix format will have scouts options to select Merit Badges and Programs based on the Ridge that they are camping in.  This schedule also allows the camp to have campfires and flag ceremonies to build the camp atmosphere which makes summer camp such an important in the Scouting Program.

A couple reminders of some Key Dates coming up:
Now – Everyone can login to Doubleknot to enter individuals names and dietary restrictions.  If you need help login in please reach out to me.
April 18th at 4pmProgram Schedule Webinar
April 23rd – Early Bird Deadline
April 28th at 6pm – Merit Badge Registrations

Austin St. George | W. D. Boyce Camping Executive
309-673-6136 x 128


Hello Unit Contacts!

For the end of March Update for ISR Summer Camp, I am attaching a 2021 Leaders Guide, click here to view the guide.  This guide has all the general information about summer camp but no details on the program format.  We now know that the State will allow for overnight camping programs but what we still don’t know is the best program format that will have a fine balance between the best program opportunities for the Scouts while following all the restrictions.  Whether that is the Block Schedule, Concentric Circle, or a hybrid between those two program formats.

We will have the program schedule finished up on April 15th and have the details emailed out to all the unit contacts then to keep everything on track with the time schedule we have planned for summer camp.

As a reminder of the Key Dates coming up for Summer Camp:
April 15th – – Program Format
April 23 – – Early Bird Deadline
April 28th at 6pm – – Merit Badge Registration Opens

As always please feel free to reach out to us with questions.

Also a reminder for all W. D. Boyce Units that for full consideration for Financial Assistance applications must be received by April 2nd.

Austin St. George | W. D. Boyce Camping Executive
309-673-6136 x 128


Most all of the units regitered for the 2021 Summer have been entered into the Doubleknot system to be able to login in and start putting in individual registrations for Scouts and Adults to come to camp with your unit.  The Unit contact will be able to login to Doubleknot and edit this information all the way up to the 10 Day Leaders Meeting for your week of camp.  Also you can make a payment on Doubleknot, but what I suggest is you select the “pay by mail” payment option and mail a check to the Peoria Scout Service Center to save on a 3% bank fee that gets added when paying with a card.  The hand full of Troops not entered in Doubleknot are because finishing up some campsite conflicts or waiting for a unit deposit to be paid.

If you have not seen the Doubleknot login email please reach out to me and I can have it resent, or if you are having trouble logging in let me know and I can help with creating a temporary password for you to use to login and set your own password.

Last is for a Program update.  We are still looking at running the Block-Schedule program format that has been posted up at but still proceeding with caution to switch to  a concentric circle program schedule if needed as explained in the Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting in January.  If you missed the Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting or want to watch it again by clicking here.

Austin St. George | W. D. Boyce Camping Executive
309-673-6136 x 128


Click Here to watch the Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting from January 28th.  Topics include 2021 Program, Camp Fees, and more.


Normally this time of year ISR releases a Leader’s Guide for the next summer, sharing what Programs, Merit Badges, Outposts, and much more for the upcoming summer.  As we are looking ahead for Summer 2021 it is impossible to know what the world will look like on June 13, 2021 as we open the gates of ISR for the first week of Scouts BSA Summer Camp.

We are planning to run summer camp in 2021 and have hopes to run a program like the we had planned for the canceled 2020 Season.  But as we learn more by listening to experts as they provide guidelines and recommendations, we are diligently planning for different scenarios that next summer may bring to operate camp in a healthy manner.

There are many months of planning to happen and there will be changes as we learn more.  Changes to what we do, such as adjustments to programming, dining, screening, and program schedules will be communicated through the Unit Contacts registered for camp via email and monthly updates posted at the ISR COVID-19 page at  In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions we are happy to talk with you, just reach out.

With all that being said we are still accepting reservations for the 2021 Summer Camp Season, week 1 is already full but there is plenty of space later in the summer for your troop to join, go to to see campsite availability and to fill out an unit reservation form.  We are also currently fully into interviewing Camp Staff, so if you know anyone thinking about joining the ISR Camp Staff encourage them to apply soon at

Bill Maddox
2021 Camp Director

Josh Wray
2021 Program Director

Austin St. George
W. D. Boyce Council Camping Executive